10.5 million for research into the future of fava beans

GroPro is participating as a project partner in a four-year SLU project with the aim of creating the fava beans of the future for food and feed. The project is run by Åsa Grimberg at SLU Grogrund in Alnarp, Sweden and is primarily focused on plant breeding.

Among other things, GroPro will provide concentrates of fava beans produced at the protein factory in Bjuv, Sweden. The research collaboration also includes evaluating protein quality and the presence of various anti-nutrients and how the process technology can affect these parameters. The project is a continuation of previous research where SLU Grogrund has screened 220 different varieties of fava beans for protein and starch quality. The new project, named “Future fava beans for food and feed – Phase 2,” starts this year and runs until 2026. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, has granted a total of SEK 10.5 million to the project. The project is a collaboration between academia and industry; in addition to GroPro, Lantmännen and Kalmar Öland’s Trädgårdsprodukter are also participating.