We develop food for the future

We want to make it easier for people to choose vegetarian food. GroPro fully supports the transformation towards more plant-based and sustainable eating habits.

Food and feed applications

The components of peas and other legumes can be used in a variety of applications, from exquisite fine-dining dishes or delicious confectionary to pet-food solutions.




Pet food

Top quality protein with excellent characteristics

Our high-quality vegetable ingredients are probably some of the world’s most sustainable and functional protein concentrates.


A climate-smart process

Our commitment to sustainability permeates every part of the process, from the cultivation of legumes to the finished protein concentrates. Our production is based on a new and highly energy-efficient technology. We use no chemicals to enrich the protein and have no waste – every little part of the pea or bean comes to use.


Our certificates

We develop food for the future